Jan 2017

Sports Report

ML Director Steve Musson has provided advice for the expansion of a number of sporting venues in the East Midlands and surrounding areas.

In particular, in the last 6 months, specialist valuation advice has been provided to:

~ A Leicestershire Football Club who were upgrading and refurbishing their facilities
~ A Yorkshire Snooker Club who were planning to redevelop their site
~ A Leicestershire Rugby Club who were enhancing their clubhouse and pitches
~ A Nottinghamshire Marina and Sailing Club who were restructuring their finances
~ A Leicestershire Lawn Tennis Club who were also upgrading and refurbishing their facilities

In each instance the predominant reason for the consultancy was an increase in membership and participation.

As seen in the photo below, Steve is a long term member and coach of Premier League Hockey Club Beeston HC and is familiar with the difficulties that sports clubs face in keeping pace with competition and facilities management.