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Since our previous sports report of January 2017 Musson Liggins have continued to provide advice to the sporting community and specialist valuation advice has been provided to:

1 – Sleaford Town Football Club and their Eslaforde Park ground for training pitch improvement and ground works.
2 – To Ashfield Rugby Football club for their new state of the art clubhouse and rugby pitch and artificial surfaced development.
3 – Riverside Family Golf Centre in Nottingham for ground maintenance, clubhouse improvement and further development at their excellent golf driving range, adventure golf and retail
outlet alongside the River Trent.
4 – Penn Golf Club, Wolverhampton for an updated valuation in view of their growing membership and improved facilities for the already excellent course.

Each sporting facility presents its own challenge when considering financial backing as the interests occupied can vary from substantial freehold land and buildings to leased pitches and clubhouses with a predominant form of income generation being through membership, achieved profits from clubhouse facilities, functions and sponsorship leading to the need for an understanding of the various valuation methodologies from those related to land and buildings through to profits and investment methodology.

Our involvement with numerous sports facilities has created a database of evidence and comparison throughout the East Midlands region.

Jul 2019


Musson Liggins have advised clients on a number of fishing lakes and water courses during the last year. Fishing Lakes vary in style, size and design from man made facilities to managed gravel pit lakes, some with river connection and to rural lakes set in woodland locations.

Demand for these types of property has been good and the practice has acted on behalf of clients who were selling, clients who were buying and lenders who were lending against the asset.

Nottinghamshire in particular around the Trent Basin has an abundace of fishing lakes, many of which evolved from former aggregate extraction and which have benefitted from silt removal, landscape managment and the installation of otter predation measures to protect fish.

The lakes are charactersied by the presence of Carp, Chub, Zander, Barble, Roach, Bream and Pike.

Angling clubs vary in membership, as do the size of water courses and some lakes with which we have been involved are in excess of 30 acres of water and in one instance the Angling Club had in excess of 1,000 members.

If we can help with advice, let us know.